Rayment Orthodontic Laboratory

More than just great appliances

Founded in 2003, Rayment Orthodontic Lab is an area leader in custom manufacturing your orthodontic needs.

We are a full service orthodontic laboratory, specializing in Retainers, Fixed Appliances, Expansion Appliances, Rapid Palatal Expanders and Splits.

With over 20 years of experience as a laboratory and orthodontic technician for many of the mid-atlantic’s top doctors, I deliver hands-on craftsmanship along with a clinical perspective in all of my work.

Rayment Orthodontic Lab prides itself on personalized service and patient/doctor satisfaction.

I look forward to providing your practice with the same quality and care.

Nicole M. Rayment

Plus Free

  • Colors & effects
  • Appliance Keys
  • Bracket & Band Carving
  • Free Delivery

Orthodontic Laboratory Services

Is one of the most costly & critical areas of your practice.  We understand how important it is that your appliances are made to the highest quality & fit every time.  We also understand how crucial it is to control your operating expenses; however cost savings alone will be worthless if your appliances do not fit or are not delivered on time.

We at Rayment Orthodontic Laboratory

Do not think you should have to choose between the quality of your appliances and competitive prices.  Rayment Orthodontic Laboratory was formed to provide Orthodontic practices anywhere, reasonably priced appliances without compromising quality or service.